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The Mural Apprentice Program is designed to help aspiring Humboldt County mural artists gain experience, network, and build their resumes. ESAF wants to encourage the development of new local mural painting talent, and help artists gain the confidence and experience to create large-scale public art. This program is intended for artists who are comfortable painting, but struggling to break into the mural scene (or have never tried!)


Apprentices are paired with one of the mural artists during the Festival, and assist and learn from them throughout the week. This program is made possible by generous funding from the Humboldt Area Foundation.

2022 Mural Apprentices:

  • Olivia Fox

  • Denise Viridiana Hernández Villalva

  • Malachi Arthur

  • Katie Rose RainbowMaker

  • Sully Tustison

  • Kaitlyn Ladines

  • Ro Lozano 

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