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click here to Apply to have a mural painted on your wall.


Do you want a mural painted on your building? Here is some quick information to (hopefully) answer your questions:

  • You must either be the building owner or have their permission in order to have your wall/building featured in the Festival

  • Building owners/tenants are asked to contribute $10/square foot to help pay for the mural on their building. Once we receive your Wall Application we will measure your wall and give you an estimate of painting costs.

  • If your wall is chosen for the festival, you will be involved in the artist selection process for your mural.

  • The mural will be painted during July/August 2024. The artist will need to have access to the wall for painting.

  • We will provide wall prep assistance (pressure washing, etc.), lifts/scaffolding, insurance, travel and accommodations (for out of town artists) and more

  • Walls that are outside of the current year's focus area will still be considered for the future.

Submit your Wall Application to get the conversation started with us!

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