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Each day's Art Talk will meet at 5:30pm at a different mural location and may involve a short walk. Hear about the artists process + inspiration, watch them work, and ask them questions! 

The Eureka Street Art Festival is FREE and family friendly!​ 

Monday, July 31st - 5:30pm

​Aerosol Kingdom + Miles Toland

  • Meet at ​STIL (2940 Broadway)


Tuesday, August 1st - 5:30pm

Ekosaurio + Fasm

  • Meet at ​Synapsis (1675 Union Street)

  • *Involves a 1 mile walk*


Wednesday, August 2nd - 5:30pm

Mark Worst + Kay Lopez

  • Meet at ​Carpet Depot (4485 Broadway)

  • *Involves a short walk*

Thursday, August 3rd - 5:30pm

Zoe Gelfant

  • Meet at ​Herrick Avenue Park + Ride


Friday, August 4th - 5:30pm

Tony Diaz, Laci Dane, Blake Reagan + CALANGOSS

  • Meet at ​MOCA (204 4th Street)

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