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Artist Applications are due by March 24, 2023


Artist Requirements:

  • The Festival is open to all Artists + Artist Teams located worldwide.

  • Artists are limited to 2 consecutive years of participation in the Festival.

Artist Information:​​

  • Artists may propose any type of artwork for the festival, including but not limited to: murals, sculptures, and mixed media installations.

  • Artists will be paid $10 per square foot for murals (ranging from approximately 400 - 1,500 square feet).

  • Prices for other artwork will be set on a case-by-case basis (but will be comparable).

  • Artists are responsible for supplying their own paint, tools, and materials.

  • The Festival will supply lifts and scaffolding, all permits and insurance, and coordination.

  • Qualifying out of area artists will have travel fees reimbursed and will receive accommodations during the week.

  • Artists must be available to paint/install their pieces from July 28 - August 6, 2023.

  • Artists will be notified of application status by the end of April.

Tips for a strong Application:

  • While the selection committee wants to know the type of thing you would like to create during the Festival, Artists with a very specific proposal tend to be harder to place.

  • The images you submit are the most important part of the Application. Show us images that reflect the type of work you would like to do in the Festival.

  • If you have never created a large-scale piece of public art, please tell us why you are ready and how you can ensure you will be successful. 

Artist Selection Process:

The Artist Selection Process is fairly long and complicated, but we aim to keep it as transparent as possible. We consider a multitude of factors when selecting Artists for the Festival, and there are many parties involved in the selection process (including the folks who own the buildings on which the murals will be painted, and the people who have businesses in those buildings). 

  • Artist Applications are due by March 24, 2023.

  • ROUND 1: Once applications are received, the selection committee (made up of the Festival organizers + Interns) selects the strongest applicants to move on in the process. The selection committee looks for talented artists with unique work and previous experience creating large-scale public art. They also look for styles that would look at home, yet stand out, on the walls of Eureka. 

  • ROUND 2: These strongest applications are then shared with the Property Owners whose walls have been chosen for the year's Festival. Property Owners rank their favorite Artists. 

  • ROUND 3: The organizing committee then works to pair Artists with walls, based on a variety of factors (such as Property Owner ranking, wall size, etc.). At this point, selected Artists are offered a spot in the Festival and must either accept or decline. The organizing committee works through their list of Artists until all walls are paired. By the end of April, all Artists are notified about the status of their applications.

  • At this point, selected Artists are asked to provide a rendering for their wall.


    • In order to create a Festival that benefits the local community in as many ways as possible, approximately half of Artist spots are reserved for Humboldt County Artists. 

    • During the selection and placement process, the committee looks to curate a diverse selection of styles, artists, and media in order to create a visually appealing festival.

    • We receive hundreds of applications and only accept approximately 20 Artists. If you are not chosen to participate in this year's Festival, we encourage you to apply again next year!

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